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visionary leader innovator in the mining sector

Welcome to the professional world of Selim Kaymak, a visionary leader in sustainable mining practices. With over two decades of industry experience, Selim has been at the forefront of integrating environmental stewardship with operational excellence in the mining sector.


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Alpha Resources Founder

About Selim

Selim Kaymak is a seasoned leader and innovator with over 20 years of experience in the mining industry. He is the founder of Alpha Resources, a well-established company with the main purpose of coal procurement and mining project development and services in the South African coal industry. Selim has been instrumental in steering the company towards pioneering sustainable and green mining practices, focusing on both environmental stewardship and operational efficiency.

With a rich background in the mining industry and a transformative vision for sustainable practices, Selim Kaymak, originating from Turkey, moved to South Africa to pursue his MBA and has since made significant strides in the mining sector.

Entrepreneurship MBA Program

University of Pretoria, RSA

Skills & Expertise

Strategic Leadership in Mining Operations


Sustainable and Green Mining Practices


International Business Development


Stakeholder Engagement and Strategic Partnerships


Innovation in Mining Technologies


As a founder and CEO, Selim’s responsibility involves leading the transformation from traditional coal mining to innovative, green mining techniques. Overseeing significant export operations, demonstrating excellence in logistical and operational challenges. He has championed sustainable practices in gold and bauxite mining, expanding the company’s reach into green energy sectors in Turkey and Africa.


Successfully diversified business operations to align with global green mining trends.

Established strategic partnerships both within Africa and internationally, particularly in Turkey.

Advocated for responsible mining practices, significantly reducing environmental impact.

Professional Affiliations

Lead Representative

Turkish Business Association in South Africa


Relevant Mining or Business Associations


Selim is passionate about the intersection of mining and sustainability, constantly seeking innovative solutions to drive the industry forward. He is also dedicated to the socio-economic development of mining communities, believing in the power of responsible and ethical business practices to uplift local economies.

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Selim Kaymak
Selim Kaymak
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